2014.9.2. Seokwon’s paper is accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

2014.9.1. Sunil and Cheol Ho join the group as PhD students. Welcome!

2014.7.21. Kyuhyeon’s son, Seungwoo, is born!!!

2014.7.1. Jinsu and Jisu join the group as URP students. Welcome!

2014.6.11. Ju Young’s paper is accepted for publication in JACS. [link]

2014.1.27. Seokwon and Dennis’s paper is accepted for publication in RSC Advances. [link]

2014.1.23. Whi Dong’s paper is accepted for publication in Crystal Growth & Design. [link]

2013.12.6. Whi Dong’s paper is accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. [link]


Research Highlights

W.D.Kim et al., “Metal tips on pyramid-shaped PbSe/CdSe/CdS heterostructure nanocrystal photocatalysts: study of ripening and core/shell formation,”
Chemical Communications (2014). [link]

We report ripening of metal particles anchored on pyramid-shaped heterostructure nanocrystals. The ‘intra-particle’ ripening results in a large metal tip at one corner with the other three tips vanishing. Investigation reveals that the ripening and core/shell formation affects photocatalytic activities via the Fermi level change.

We are a group of young scientists and engineers enthused to design and synthesize novel photocatalysts and study interactions in nanokrystals for self-assembled architecture. Through solid understanding on light-matter interaction and colloidal forces, we design nanostructures that convert photons into useful forms of energy such as chemical potential.

KAIST 이도창 교수 연구실 홈페이지 방문을 환영합니다. 본 그룹에서는 나노소재 (나노입자 및 나노와이어) 개발을 통하여 광촉매를 비롯한 광에너지 전환과 양자점 발광소자에 대한 연구를 진행하고 있습니다.

[공지] 양자점 디스플레이에 관심있는 대학원생 및 연구원을 모집합니다.

[Above images: copyright by Dr. Brian Korgel at UT Austin]

Research Highlights

S.Lee, D.T.Lee et al., “Slow colloidal growth of PbSe nanocrystals for facile morphology and size control,” RSC Advances (2014). [link]

We report colloidal growth of PbSe nanosheets and finely size-tuned PbSe nanocrystals (NCs) via simple control of reaction parameters.

Research Highlights

W.D.Kim et al., “Photocorrosion-assisted transformation of metal selenide nanocrystals into crystalline selenium nanowires,” Crystal Growth & Design (2014). [link]

Photocorrosion of nanocrystals in DMSO solution can be controlled by several parameters, such as the absorption cross section of the selenide NCs and the pH. The diameter and shape of the resulting selenium wires help gauge the transformation rate and thus unveil the transformation mechanism.

Research Highlights

J.Y. Woo et al., “Ultrastable PbSe Nanocrystal Quantum Dots via in Situ Formation of Atomically Thin Halide Adlayers on PbSe(100),”
JACS (2014). [link]

Our simple in situ wet-chemical passivation scheme will enable broader utilization of PbSe NQDs in ambient conditions in many optoelectronic applications.